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‘Truly Madly Guilty’ – Liane Moriarty

Lausanne, December 2016


The one with the barbecue mystery – six individuals affected by something that happened.


Enjoyed this, but I thought there would be more to the drawn out mystery of the barbecue!


‘Her focus had always been on how his actions affected her feelings, as if his role was to do things for her, to her…Was it possible she’d never seen or truly loved him the way he deserved to be seen and loved? As a person? As an ordinary, flawed, feeling person?’

‘The Herring Seller’s Apprentice’ – LC Taylor

Gare de Lausanne – Basel Mulhouse, September 2015


The one with Ethelred, the mystery writer whose wife Geraldine has disappeared. His agent Elsie begins to investigate, dragging Ethelred into the matter.


Enjoyed the beginning but was less convinced by the end. Didn’t like the use of two points of view. At certain points, Ethelred writes his novel within the novel but it distracted me from the narrative. It was used – I think – to allow the character some psychological downtime, but whatever it was supposed to achieve went over my head.

The novel lacked a proper conclusion as it’s the beginning of a series.