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‘Nomad’ – James Swallow

Ibiza, July 2018


Marc Dane is something to do with IT in an operational group within the MI6. After a fatal attack against his team, Dane’s the love survivor. But because of this, the’s also the main suspect in the attack.

Now hunted by the MI6 and the (surprise!) real attacker, Dane leans on the elusive Rubicon group for help clearing his name. Within the connected terror plot boiling throughout, the thriller wraps up with a satisfying conclusion and a lead for the next in the series.


I chose this specifically as a thrilling and hopefully easy holiday read. More specifically, because the front cover pushes it on fans of I Am Pilgrim and the front cover is hugely similar – good marketing for people who can’t remember author names.

There was a sense of ticking off thriller/espionage tropes:

  • gratuitous no-strings sex;
  • a mysterious, glamorous female newcomer who can look after herself;
  • secret group with its finger on the secret pulse;
  • the protagonist tasked to prove his innocence;
  • a race against time.

So, in summary, it ticked all the boxes as a three star novel. It’s possible this garnered only a three star rating because it wasn’t I Am Pilgrim, which can’t really be helped.

‘Truly Madly Guilty’ – Liane Moriarty

Lausanne, December 2016


The one with the barbecue mystery – six individuals affected by something that happened.


Enjoyed this, but I thought there would be more to the drawn out mystery of the barbecue!


‘Her focus had always been on how his actions affected her feelings, as if his role was to do things for her, to her…Was it possible she’d never seen or truly loved him the way he deserved to be seen and loved? As a person? As an ordinary, flawed, feeling person?’