‘The Heart Goes Last’ – Margaret Atwood

London, July 2018


The one where newlyweds Charmaine and Stan are living in their car, the world as know it, broken. They win places at Positron, a utopia with the promise of comfort and purpose. Positron provides them a home and jobs with the small catch that they live together in the house for a month and the next month, move to the Positron prison where they contribute to the Positron society in roles decided for them. While the couple is in prison, their alternates, Max and Jasmine, move into the house.


This was good fun – light, reeled me in and easy to read. The set-up with the alternating couples was bound to cause complications which abound very early in the novel. Charmaine’s prissiness is something to behold. The Positron jobs given to the characters and decisions that they make brings to the surface that both emotionally and physically, the heart goes last.

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