‘Slaughterhouse-5’ – Kurt Vonnegut

Lausanne, March 2016


The one where Kurt Vonnegut was told to write his Dresden book which he promises he will call, The Children’s Crusade.’ Narrated via Billy Pilgrim, a chaplain’s assistant who is abducted by Tralfamadorians and who has the power of time travel.


This was an excellent war book – the acceptance of death, the inevitability of conflict and the trauma that I think Pilgrim explored in memories and understood as other worldly creatures explained the alien concept that death and the human condition are inevitable? Think I’ll be thinking of this one for a while.


‘While he examined the boy’s eyes, Billy told him matter of factly about his adventures on Tralfamadore, assured the fatherless boy that his father was very much alive still in moments the boy would see again and again.

“Isn’t that comforting?” Billy asked.

‘So it goes.’

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