‘Seating Arrangements’ – Maggie Shipstead

Lausanne, July 2015


The one where Winn drives to Waskeke for his pregnant daughter Daphne’s wedding, along with the cast of characters that make up his family and friends. Somewhat obsessed with status, Winn’s story concludes with the revelation that despite it all, he just isn’t socially appropriate enough.


Beautifully written, engaging characters. The setting was splendiferous. Set over three days which made the reading extra absorbing, as well as ripe for intensity. Interesting use of POV, whilst maintaining Winn as the protagonist and the world, in ways, the antagonist.


‘They wanted to be aristocrats in a country that was not supposed to have an aristocracy, that was, in fact, founded partly as a protest against hereditary power.’

‘Livia longed to be more mysterious, more self-possessed, more neutral in her colour platte, the kind of woman whose thoughts were the object of speculation.’

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