‘A Hundred Pieces of Me’ – Lucy Dillon

Lausanne, August 2015


The one about Gina, the period home renovator, newly divorced with a history of cancer. Clears her possessions to fit into a new flat, with the aim to own only 100 items in total. Personal journey to enlightenment, featuring a dog, an ex, another ex, a new love and photography.


Enjoyed this more than I thought I would. Liked the characters and the way the story was told. Came out as memories attached the items being retained. Liked the growth of Gina’s independence and the relationship with he doggy!


‘All her life…she’d been creating this paper trail of possessions, hoping they’d keep her attached to her own memories…the last years meant nothing. They were gone. All the photo albums in the world wouldn’t keep them real.’

‘Naomi hates Madness…amid-life crisis playing a saxophone.’

‘The Polaroid went everywhere with her. It had the weird effect of making her look for moments of happiness instead of waiting for them to happen.’

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