‘A Heart Bent Out of Shape’ – Emylia Hall

London, January 2015


‘…she was left with the feeling that she’d handed him something and he hadn’t quite taken it.’

‘A story would take me by the throat and refuse to let me go.’


I didn’t like this – can’t decide if I didn’t like it, or hated it. Got past Kristina’s death, got irritated at the precocious mourning and could see what was coming, Jumped from page 153 to 304 and the story was seamless. Was actually surprised at the end, but more so at the most unbelievable portrayal of a 19/20 year old ever.


Set in Lausanne, which led to the discovery that both Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast and A Farewell to Arms are both set there too – the only Hemingway books I’ve read.

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